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What are the functions of the electric gate motor universal control box?

Edor | 2023/01/09

Electric gate control box: The electric gate controller is an intelligent multifunctional manual and wireless remote control dual-purpose electric gate controller designed with digital technology. The electric gate controller has a good intelligent judgment function and high reliability, and is the preferred automatic control device in the current electric telescopic gate system.

universal control box

Main functions and performance indicators of the control box:

1. Power supply: 24V/50-60Hz

2.control method,

Manual control: chassis panel control and external button control

Wireless remote control: the frequency is 315MHz/433Mhz, using code encryption control

Signal conversion time: 1-0.5S

Environmental conditions:

Temperature: -45 ―60°C

No corrosive gas and electromagnetic interference

Precautions for the use of electric gate control:

1. The performance of the alarm function depends on the performance of the alarm probe, and the user should choose an alarm probe according to the actual needs of the alarm. The controller is equipped with a thermal release alarm probe when it leaves the factory. If the alarm function is not used, the probe can be left alone.

2. The type of the alarm probe output signal interface should be a relay output interface, and the power supply voltage should be DC 12-15V, otherwise it cannot be directly powered by the controller. The power consumption of the probe should be ≤100mA. According to the site conditions, it can be equipped with multiple probes (generally 1-2 is appropriate), and the parallel connection method is adopted when multiple probes are used. The probe should avoid the influence of other heat sources or direct light, and a rain cover should be added above it.

3. When the controller fails, it should be repaired by professionals or contact the supplier and the manufacturer for repairs. In order to avoid the failure to expand and affect the use.

4. The controller should be kept clean to prevent erosion from water or other harmful substances. It is strictly forbidden to use organic solvents for cleaning the casing.

5. When the remote control leaves the factory, it is encrypted and used according to the code, and cannot be interchanged. When the user needs to change the password, the manufacturer can change the password as required.



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