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What is the difference between the rolling swing gate motor and the curved arm swing gate motor?

Edor | 2023/01/11

Features of rolling swing gate motor

1. The gate can be opened and closed automatically, even you are in the car.

2. Complete functions, pre-blocking, auto stop, auto close, auto lock

3. Power failure is not a problem, optional uninterrupted SUP can also be switched manually

4. Three kinds of drop 7cm, 17cm, 30cm when the floor is not flat

5. The way to open the gate is remote control, optional fingerprint access control, card access control, mobile phone APP, infrared protector, battery can be connected.

6. Reasonable force: the gate opener is installed on the side away from the gate hinge, and the driving force acts directly on the opening and closing direction of the gate. This saves power, so it's more efficient.

7. Unique chute mechanism: it can automatically adapt to a slightly undulating plane, and its adaptability is about 1 meter, without having to enter the buried track.

8. Large opening angle: the gate can be opened to any angle.

9. Automatic locking device: the gate will be automatically locked when it is fully closed, and no additional electric lock is required.

9. It can also be operated manually: if there is a power failure, it can be easily converted to manual operation with a special key. It can also switch to backup power or solar or wind power supply mode.

rolling swing gate motorFeatures of cured swing gate motor,

1. Rotary mechanical travel limit, accurate positioning.

2. Soft start and soft stop.

3. Rebound when encountering resistance.

4. It can be set to automatically close the GATE and operate with a single gate.

5. Microcomputer intelligence: built-in intelligent control chip, real-time computer monitoring, and rebound when encountering obstacles.

6. Power failure emergency: The motor has a lock key, which can open the clutch switch and open the gate manually.

7. Optional devices can be connected, photocell,warning light, button switch etc

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