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The properties and post-cleaning of the swing gate motor

Edor | 2022/10/24

Use a soft, clean cloth to clean the digital panel and flash panel . Sprinkle water on the cleaning cloth rather than directly on the surface of the gate opener to ensure surface humidity. Swing gate openers, handles and locker surfaces should be cleaned with a mild detergent and then wiped dry with a soft cloth.

First: Look at the waterproof performance of the gate opener. Since many gate openers are used in the open air, they need to experience various wind and rain. For the entire gate opener product, it should be ensured that it has sufficient air tightness and water resistance. This will not affect its performance in the rainy season.

Second: Look at the horsepower of the gate opener. While many people have doubts about this, we also need to understand that there are a lot of buildings and a lot of the gates they use are heavy. Therefore, gate openers with sufficient horsepower are required to properly open these doors. In addition, when purchasing a gate opener, it is not possible to judge its horsepower from its appearance and personality. This needs to be determined by consulting the manufacturer or looking at the product description.

Third: look at life expectancy. No matter what product it is, it has a certain service life. We can compare the products of multiple manufacturers to see the service life of their respective products, and comprehensively select gateopener products with better performance and applicable service life.

Forth: About selection. When we choose the gate opener, we should choose the appropriate model according to the flow of people and the weight of the door. Generally, like offices, offices, etc., you can choose ordinary types of gate openers. For some large residential doors, etc., choose a motor with sufficient horsepower

Fifth: Pay attention to the compatibility of the gate opener. Since many doors have been selected before deciding to use the gate opener, the installation of the gate opener also needs to match the model of the gate, so that the gate opener can run more smoothly when activated.



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