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Precautions for purchasing arm gate openers

Edor | 2022/01/10

1. The arm type gate opener depends on the horsepower. What people usually ask is, how large or multiple gates can this gate operator open? People usually simply think that the larger the size of the gate opener, the greater the strength, which is unscientific. In fact, the size of the motor power is determined by the rotor parameters (diameter, stacking thickness) and the motor's magnetic tile.

2. Check the waterproof performance of the motor for the arm type gate opener. The waterproof performance of the motor is determined by the outlet and the sealing ring of the bottom cover. Comparing OSSDEN sliding gate motor with imitation products on the market, it is easy to find that the outlet of OSSDEN sliding gate motor is fully sealed and has special waterproof treatment, and the bottom cover sealing ring is made of oil-resistant rubber seal. lock up.

3. The arm gate opener depends on the lifespan of the motor. The selection of materials and manufacturing processes for the worm gear, output sleeve, reducer volute, rotor support structure, mounting seat and other components of the motor determines the length of the motor's service life and the ability to resist turbulence and impact. Just like the worm wheel and worm of OSSDEN sliding gate motor, it is precision manufactured with high-performance materials with wear-resistant formula, large modulus, large tooth width, and good overall rigidity.

4. For the choice of automatic gate operator type, if the flow of people is small with avarage gate opening, and there is limitation on the budget, such as office or office building , you can choose an ordinary gate operator with a lower price. This type of gate operator can generally be used without failure, but the service life will be relatively short. If the purchase unit has good after-sales service and the suppliers can provide in-place maintenance services at any time, you can choose it !

5. Pay attention to the compatibility of the automatic gate opener, the gate motor is required to be compatible, and these devices can be installed. Some automatic gate operators have this kind of function, which is easy to install, but some gate operators do not have this function, and they must be equipped with many devices to install, thus leading to unnecessary expenses.



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